@halfdaffodil           Ballet Dancer/Night Owl/ Feminist/ Civil Rights Enthusiast

@miskasykora         Stylist/ Creative Director/ Model

@michaelhollice     Actor/Model 

@woguwinning      Entrepreneur/ Fashion Expert/ Public Speaker


@studiozg                 Interior Designer and Fine Artist.   Website:

@talib.nrir                 Seeker of Knowledge

@mikeestimecomic. A comedian, actor, father. Website.

@skakirajanai_ .  Website.

@lyriccross. Make Up Artist/ Cosmetologist. Website.





3rd Place “Best of Show”. 1650gallery Exhibit Small Towns Rural Places. 3rd out of 65 selected works from around the world. @1650gallery

Solo Exhibit. March 25th, 2017. “The Beauty of Movement”. Hosted by The South Pasadena Pain Relief Center. IG: mikehowelldc

Artisan Row Home Art and Craft Show. May 20th and May 21st. 2017

Works By JonArthur. Selected Works by JonArthur 2016.

Cooperstown 2016. Los Angeles Rockstar Baseball Club.

LA ROCKSTARS 11U 2015 Season Highlights.